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Five steps to client development success for lawyers

In keeping with this column's intent of delivering practical sensible commentary/solutions to issues currently facing law firm management, I shared last month that I had invited a few folks to write on topics they were both passionate and knowledgeable about and this month's column is the first one.

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Jane Southren
Jane Southren
Partner, Lerners LLP

While Jane Southren and I come from two very different niches of the legal industry, her passion about the need to move the legal industry along in general and client development activities by lawyers in particular made it a “no-brainer” to ask her to do a column on client development.

By way of brief background, Jane was admitted to the bar in 1997 and practised at McDonald & Hayden prior to joining Lerners LLP in 2004. She has been a partner at Lerners in its commercial litigation group since 2007 and has spoken on topics ranging from building a book of business to “conflicts of interest in your litigation practice” to “mastering the art of complex civil motions.”

Here are Jane Southren's five steps to client development success for lawyers:

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Jane has provided solid insights on how to raise the “business development bar” amongst the 80-per-cent partner group. Until next month, I would leave you with this paraprosdokian:

"Being a lawyer in a large firm doesn't make you a better lawyer any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.

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