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Containing costs through collaboration

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One dictionary defines collaboration as “working together, especially in a joint intellectual effort.” So without taking too much writer’s licence, collaboration would seem to make sense on an intellectual level if not a practical one, if you subscribe to the possibility that more can be accomplished by working together than individually.

Now the practice of law for most is not a team sport. So many lawyers may see collaboration and the practice of law as mutually exclusive events. But nowhere in the definition of teamwork have I seen where one is required to surrender their self or individuality; rather it is simply a “co-operative effort by the members of a group to achieve a common goal.”

In a brief goal-setting exercise let’s look at developing a different angle on cost containment and, even better, cost reduction, as the goal for this month’s column.

Before setting out to achieve our goal let me attempt to eliminate some of the “but we are different” that you might anticipate will be raised:

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