18 Management Truths

  1. That success while founded on the brilliance of bold action, has been more the result of
    intuitiveness and good luck than formal planning and Management should start to act

Stephen Mabey Author

  1. That it is often easier to ask for forgiveness than it is permission when making many decisions.

  2. That your competitors have also not managed to find that illusive person, who will perform the functions of a full time person but is happy with part time pay and status as a half of a person for those all important, or at least all consuming, ratios.

  3. That the grasp of the English language continues to erode as the definition of “teamwork” doesn't include the luxury of opting in and out at the individual’s discretion.

  4. That the management and consultants of the day only absorbed half of Sam Walton’s comment that if you see a good idea, adapt it to your own needs but missed the part that part of being a good thief is knowing what to steal.

  1. That perhaps the true heightened state of enlightenment is where the best solution to
    morale problems sometimes is to simply fire all the unhappy people.

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