Did You Ever Wonder...

What store some people buy the “rose coloured” glasses at that they seem to see life
through? And more importantly, who is better off – the pragmatic realist or the naive

Stephen Mabey Author

Is it better to be right half the time or half right all the time?

If there is never a wrong time to do the right thing, is there ever a right time to do the wrong thing (because don’t you miss every shot you don’t take)?

If no one ever sat their way to success, why does everyone encourage you to stop and smell the roses?

If ego is clearly bad and self confidence is clearly good, then why is the line between
them so faint?

If the concern is that we spend too much time with the “C” players and not the “A”
players, then how do you develop “A” players?

If success is a journey and not a destination, then what decides when the journey is at
an end?

What causes the gap between how you define yourself and how others define you?

Finally, if we all have 24 hours in a day, does the real inequality in life arise from what we do and don’t do with those 24 hours?


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