Would Have, Could Have, Should Have, If

I doubt there are few people who over the course of their life time have not evoked the
“would have, could have, should have, if” clause – and certainly many more often then

Stephen Mabey Author

Whether it is the outcome of a sporting event, a bet, a decision at work, a date, a business venture most people have reacted to the outcomes with this clause.

Success by and large comes to those who initiate change rather then those always reacting or adjusting to change. And we should all at least acknowledge and grudgingly accept that change is going to happen whether we like it or not.

As Heraclites, a Greek philosopher said, “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional, Nothing endures but change.”

One book that I think deals effectively with the need to be willing to change is Spencer Johnson’s 1998 book “Who Moved My Cheese: An Amazing Way to Deal With Change in Your Work and In Your Life” (published by G. T. Putnam’s Sons).

Some of the self evident realizations (at least upon some introspection) that the book
presents include:

  • No one can change if he or she is not willing to let go of the past;

  • The biggest inhibitors to change lie within ourselves as nothing will get better until we
    change ourselves and what we believe;

  • Part of the willingness to change involves overcoming the fear of what the change will

  • Almost always what we are afraid of is not as bad as what we imagine; and

  • The key to meaningful change is the engagement of those affected.


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