A Coming-of-Age Story: The Individual Lawyer

Individual Attorneys May Attract Clients
More than Your Firm's Reputation

More than ever, clients are hiring individuals rather than firms. This clearly signals a change in the future relationship between the individual lawyer and the firm. Presently the firm confers, for the most part, status, opportunity and work on the individual lawyer. The future will see the individual lawyer conferring status, opportunity and revenue on the firm.

Stephen Mabey Author

Michael Mabey
Michael Mabey, VP
Energy Market Solutions

Talent acquisition and retention may become the most important task of the managing partner.


This holds specific challenges for firm managers. These professionals are responsible for strategic planning and must be aware of how this reality may alter firm dynamics.

The Issue of Recruiting

Clients have a far broader array of choices than ever before, and they are exercising these choices more readily than ever before. This reality will only serve to increase the level of competition among firms for creative and innovative lawyers.

Two critical qualities can be found in lawyers who shine as individuals -- apart from their relationship with your firm...

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