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Nobody´s drinking the Kool-Aid

There is a saying about drinking the Kool-Aid, which loosely interpreted means “a person or group of people who agree with a person, idea, or set of ideas blindly on faith alone, without exercising their own critical thinking.”

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I would take a small liberty and define it for law firms as being passionate about the firm and what it is doing. For those who have been hanging around the legal biz for 20-plus years, the concept of being passionate about your firm was real and tangible at one time.

Today, on the rare occasions you hear the words “passion” or “passionate” invoked by lawyers, it seldom is about their firms. Yet you still meet folks who are passionate about the law, and lawyers who are passionate about their defence of clients’ cases, and even passionate about their law school alma mater. But try to recall the last time lawyers spoke passionately about their firm and meant it—this of course excludes pitches made to law students on the merits of joining their law firm!

It is almost like law firms have become the place mirth goes to die and we are simply overseeing a long and drawn out deathwatch.

Adam Smith Esquire in a recent blog posting, while deliberating on the separate issue of idea-premised versus product-premised law firms, made the following statement that goes to the core of the passion issue: “but dig under the surface and I bet you’ll find a mutating assemblage of practice areas and geographies without—in most cases—an overarching idea that all the partners could tell you in their sleep motivates the firm.”

Not only do firms that maintain in their lawyers that sense of passion about the firm make more money and have less stress, they are having genuine fun practising law. This is because:

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