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Much continues to be written about leadership: its importance; its characteristics, both good and bad; its style; examples from past and present; its applicability to various industries, even law firms; and so on.

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Since the late 90’s, the number of perceived or empirical discoveries regarding leadership appear to be decreasing and more of the reported “findings” seem focused on what "is" leadership instead of the how it works. In part this may be because it is much easier to write about then do!

So I thought in this column I would try a slightly different approach to the topic. But first lets get some basic tenets out of the way about leadership in successful law firms:

  • Leadership is not relegated to just the managing partner, CEO, or executive committee. Everyone needs to and can demonstrate leadership;

  • Leadership in a firm has a direct, measurable impact on its culture (although not always quantifiable in dollar terms for the overhead hawks);

  • Culture in a law firm is composed of at least the following six characteristics (some firms will have more but all have the basic six):

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And remember until the next column:

"Leadership is based on inspiration, not domination; on cooperation, not intimidation."


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