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Aon Hewitt conducts an annual best employer survey that measures engagement as the determinant of whether a participating firm qualifies as a "best employer." How, might you ask, is this different from many of the other surveys used to confer best employer status? For the most part, the other surveys measure satisfaction and not engagement.

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The difference is that the former focuses on “how much people like it here,” whereas the latter is focused on “how much people want and do contribute to the business' success”—a serious difference in what is being measured.

Because we live in a world that thrives on definitions and interpretations, engagement is defined as a measure of an employee's emotional and intellectual commitment to a firm.

Engaged members of a firm display three distinct behaviours:

  • Say: they consistently say positive things about the firm;
  • Stay: they intend to stay with the firm; and
  • Strive: They strive to achieve above and beyond what is expected of them in their daily role in the firm.


The survey identifies the following six components that make up engagement:

  • people
  • work/motivation
  • opportunities
  • quality of life/values
  • procedures
  • total rewards

Within each of these components they have identified specific factors that are seen as “drivers of engagement.” There are 21 drivers that they measure in all and establish averages for each that if achieved would equate to “best employer” classification.

Because of the level of detail and sophistication of Aon Hewitt's measurements, they can not only provide overall averages to qualify as a best employer, but also for various industry groups. Interestingly, the averages for the law firms participating in the 2011 survey are for the most part lower than the average best employer entities.

Table 1 below lists the best employer averages as well the averages for the law firms participating:

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