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I am well aware of the adage "biting the hand that feeds you makes for a very short-term meal strategy" but since this column is done for fun and no money what the heck.

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The following is an excerpt from a Nov. 22 post by Jordan Furlong of Edge International in his blog:

"But for my money, the main event here is the transformation of Thomson Reuters from a company that provided legal support services to law firms and law departments into, well, something brand new. It's not clear yet that we know what we've got on our hands here. Thomson has so many lines plugged into this marketplace that it is on the verge — it might already have tipped over — of changing from an information services company into a whole new beast."

I now see how amateurish my thought process was back in my September column when I made the off-handed comment about "Hildebrandt, a Thomson Reuters enterprise, acquired a couple of years back in their slow-but-steady takeover of the thought patterns of the legal industry." We may not be so lucky that they settle for the "thought patterns" but may have decided to go for it all.

Let me make an early case that we are seeing the entrance of the first bona fide "alternative provider of legal services" that is not regulated by the medieval-thinking law societies.

The basis for such a declaration (and remember my opinion and $1.63 will get you a large Tim Hortons coffee) is as follows:

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Remember as Miguel de Cervantes is reported to have said,

"Love not what you are but only what you may become.”

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