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What do a dry-stacked stone wall and a successful law firm have in common?

Try building a dry-stacked stone wall and you will find:

  • Stones with similar edges create a better fit, are supportive of those above and below, and generally make the work proceed faster.

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  • Stones can sometimes be reshaped to fit in the wall but when doing so you have to be very careful so that you successfully shape the stone without shattering it.

  • In terms of the quality of the stones, how similar in colour they are to each other matters the least and in fact diversity of colour enhances the look of the wall.

  • The stones need to be consistent in the integrity of their structure. As a result, some good-looking stones need to be discarded because they are not a good fit.

  • It takes a lot of effort to lug the bigger base stones but just as much, if not more, effort goes into constantly trying to fit the smaller stones into the right spots because in the final analysis, they are nature's natural adhesive which keeps the big stones from shifting.

  • Finding the right stones is an important and continual challenge.

  • While building the wall, you need to constantly step back and assess it overall. You need to visualize where it is going and determine if you have the stones to get you there.

  • A well-constructed and well-maintained dry-stacked stone wall will last for generations to come. It will hold up against changes in the environment and new owners.

Now that you know how to successfully build a dry-stacked stone wall, I will leave it to your imagination to draw the comparisons to building a law firm...

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