To Your (Emotional) Health

The Cure for Terminal Seriousness
that Threatens Our Firms

Superior client service. Excellence above all. Client focused. Client service guaranteed.

These are laudable goals for any organization However, when stress and reality set in, it is difficult for professionals to sustain the motivation to excel.

Stephen Mabey Author


Focused thinking on a client matter is a critical element of "focused client service," and the prevalence of negative emotion has a direct and disruptive impact on such thinking.

Legal organizations are prime incubators for stress. Whether it is from the evolution of the profession or the change in clients' value standards - that combination of service, quality, speed and price they seek - or the attitudinal differences between the generations of professionals, stress may well be the only constant in our ever-changing environments.

All of these office-centric factors, of course, are exacerbated by personal stress - child, elder or spouse care.

This increasingly stressful environment is not the sole domain of professional services firms but rather is germane to many of your clients' organizations. Many of these clients have taken to understanding and embracing the importance of emotional intelligence (EI) in their leaders. The premise of the focus on El is that emotional skills play a crucial role in helping individuals cope with the stresses of everyday life.

One expert, Daniel Goleman, says that emotional intelligence includes the following five distinct skill areas:

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