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We work with carefully-selected clients who share our fierce determination to solve problems. Here are some of their comments about working with Applied Strategies.


"Stephen has been invaluable in assisting with and guiding us through our strategic planning process. His broad knowledge and experience, combined with his engaging and inclusive facilitation style, promotes thoughtful and productive discussion among our partners. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with Stephen"

Darren R. Bieganek, LLB, QC, Partner, Duncan Craig LLP


"I first came across Stephen through a couple of articles he authored which really resonated with me. I was dealing with a couple of operational issues at the time so I decided to call him to see if he would help us out. Stephen was an excellent resource, providing insightful advice on a timely basis and within the budget we agreed to. He continues to provide me with resource materials that hopefully allow us to stay ahead of shifts in the business side of our profession. Slater Vecchio LLP would not hesitate to retain Stephen's services again."

Michael Slater Q.C., Partner, Slater Vecchio LLP


"Steve has been instrumental in the growth and success of Stewart McKelvey. He knows and understands law firms, lawyers and what makes them successful and that, combined with his knowledge of the legal industry, allows him to accurately assess a firm's strengths and weakness and exactly what is required to enhance performance. Steve always pushes the leading edge in terms of new ideas and new ways to carry on business."

Paul Smith, Chair, Stewart McKelvey


"Our Firm of twenty plus management side labour and employment lawyers opened in the fall of 2001. We started with just the two of us and have since grown to having 8 partners. Stephen's guidance, patience and network (i.e. partnership counsel/expert) assisted us in successfully completing a partnership agreement in 2013. The first partnership agreement since we opened more than a decade prior. He took the time to get to understand our culture, our objectives and frankly our various personalities and interests. Stephen played an invaluable role in both the process and ultimately the actual content of the agreement. The agreement balances those various interests that exist around any partnership table. On a purely cost-benefit analysis, our partnership has profited from our relationship with Stephen. The relationship continues today and we routinely rely on his advice"

Michael Sherrard, Partner, Sherrard Kuzz


"Lawyers are a special breed and in many cases they need to be managed and coached differently from other service providers. Stephen's value as a consultant extends beyond knowing how to motivate, organize and promote HR efficiencies at the top level of a law firm, he also brings to the table a career's worth of experience as a CA/CFO who understands the finances of the business side of the practice of law.

Stephen clearly understands the intricacies of how lawyers tend to fall into the same 'traps' in managing their practices, and how this conflicts with achieving the best in client deliverables and profitability. He never fails to impress me in his ability to cut to the core of an issue and propose a range of solutions."

Sam De Caprio, Partner, Blaney McMurtry LLP


"Steve possesses that rare ability to bluntly deliver tough and practical business advice, while maintaining his personal warmth and good humour. He provides excellent input, creative ideas and strong value. He is also a delight to work with. He has my highest regard."

Sandra Dawe, Managing Partner, Shibley Righton


"Steve is just great. He has a wonderful, infectious personality that accompanies his substantive expertise. He knows the ins and outs of law firm management, administration and marketing but he's also a very practical and patient person. His longevity at Stewart McKelvey is a true testament to both his value and his pragmatism.”

Sally Schmidt, President, Schmidt Marketing, Inc.


“Stephen is one of the most organized, goal-oriented marketers I have met. He instantly recognizes a good idea and proceeds to capitalize on it. He's an excellent public speaker and have heard him talk at marketing conferences I attend. We worked together successfully on revamping the website of his firm, Stewart McKelvey, and he is a pleasure to work with.”

Larry Bodine, Business Development Advisor, Larry Bodine Marketing


“Steve is a forward thinker who is always creating and implementing new ideas in his endeavours. As a result, he is considered one of the thought leaders in the legal management profession. I have worked with Steve on international initiatives for the Association of Legal Administrators and have always found him a pleasure to work with.”

Colin Cameron, Chief Operating Officer, Clark Wilson LLP


“Steve is hands down one of the best businessman I have had the pleasure of working with. I consider myself very fortunate to have been mentored by Steve over the past 10 years. It has always been obvious to me that Steve is highly regarded by his staff and business partners. He is viewed as a kind, generous, and genuine human being who above all else can be trusted and relied upon. Steve rarely seeks the limelight and much prefers to have his team take credit for any success - yet it is evident to all that he is frequently the mastermind behind strategic initiatives. In the midst of major corporate events, Steve is often the person that people count on to maintain a level head and he ensures that people do not take their 'eye off of the ball'. He is tremendously skilled at analyzing complex situations, devising strategies, implementing them, and convincing others to join him. I would not hesitate to unequivocally recommend Steve. Anyone could benefit from his down-to-earth practical advice.”

Christopher McNamara, Founder and Director, Medusa Medical Technologies


“Steve is a man of vision who works tirelessly for the betterment of his organization. In the five years that I have worked with Steve I have always been engaged and challenged in all the projects that I have undertaken. Steve brings enormous enthusiasm to everything he does. Any organization that employs him will be well served.”

Susanna Duke, Knowledge Coordinator, Stewart McKelvey



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"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." John Quincy Adams

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