Ensuring a successful project requires
a great team AND a great client.




The three main criteria for ASI in selecting which assignments that it will take on are: 

  1. ASI has to be convinced that the potential client truly is wanting to deal with whatever challenge / issue they are facing in a real sense rather than a 'check-the-box' mentality;

  2. The potential client will be fun to work with, as life is too short to spend any more time than absolutely necessary with people you don’t enjoy being around; and

  3. ASI can truly add value to the potential client's efforts to address their issues at hand.


Looking at a beautiful stone wall is like looking at a thriving law firm — but who could ever imagine how much work goes into making both work properly? Consider the following.

Stones with similar edges create a better fit, are supportive of those above and below, and generally make the work proceed faster. Sometimes, stones can be re-shaped to fit the wall, but caution is needed. If you don’t re-shape the stone carefully, you risk shattering it.
What about the quality of the stones? Of course, it matters — but the similarity of stones from one to the next matters little. In fact, diversity of colour enhances the look of the wall.

Integrity of the structure is key, and as a result, every once in a while a good-looking stone will need to be discarded, because — while it looks the part — it’s actually not a good fit.

It takes plenty of effort to lug the bigger base stones, but just as much effort goes into constantly trying to fit the smaller stones into the right spots. In the final analysis, those smaller stones are the adhesive that keeps the big stones from shifting.

Perspective is key, so when building a stone wall you must constantly step back and assess it. You need to visualize where it’s going and determine if you have what you need for a successful outcome.

A well-constructed and maintained dry stacked stone wall will last for generations to come. It will hold up against changes in the environment and new owners.

Do any parallels come to mind? We hope so, because building a successful team at your law firm requires the same level of vision and commitment to the integrity of what you’re building.


Stone Wall built by Steve and his brother Mike





"Those of us in the industry recognize that we are in the midst of a period of significant change. It's an exciting time, but a challenging one." Stephen Mabey, Principal & Managing Director, ASI ~ Read more testimonials.

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